6th Grade Syllabus

Revised: 7/10/12

Dear Students,


 Welcome to the BEAT, I have posted your 2012-2013 syllabus to help you become acclimated to middle school and understand the rules and expectations of your science class. I want to explain what is expected of you in this class and what you may expect of me.  This class is designed to help you succeed not only in your studies, but in every task you choose to tackle.  Here, you will learn how to efficiently manage your time and how to take responsibility for your actions, or lack thereof.  It is my goal to help you understand and enjoy what Comprehensive Science has to offer as well as become the best students and young adults possible.  The remainder of this letter is divided into sections that cover specific aspects of this class, please take time to read each section carefully; key points have been underlined for you. 


Attendance/Make-Up Work: Each of you has been given a Student Handbook. You will see that class attendance is MANDATORY, meaning you will not receive a grade each semester unless you attend class.  As far as make-up work goes, it is the school’s policy that you must present an “ Excused Admit” from the Attendance Office in order for me to issue and accept make-up work.  Take a moment to review the school’s attendance policy.  I must follow the school’s policy, therefore do not ask to turn in make-up work unless you have presented me with an “Admit” for the day(s) you were absent.


Expectations: While in class I expect you to:

  • Treat yourself, your classmates, and myself with courtesy and respect
  • Work on task
  • Limit conversation to the assignment at hand
  • Turn off all electronic devices at the beginning of class (i.e. cell phones, no ipods, etc.)
  • Exhibit good behavior
  • Ask questions if you do not understand something


You may expect that I will always:

  • Treat you with courtesy and respect
  • Grade your work fairly, without bias
  • Provide you with the best possible educational experience
  • Help you when you need it

Grading Scale



Grading Scale

Grading Procedures

A- 100-90

Test                            25%)

B- 89-80

Quizzes                       10%

C- 79-70

Labs                             25%

D- 69-60

Homework                   25%

F- 59-0

Projects and Reports   15%




Deadlines/Class Procedures and Schedule

You are expected to hand in your work ON TIME. Each time you are given an assignment, you will also be given a clear deadline. Students who have an “Admit” for an excused absence have the allotted days they were absent to complete assignments and not be penalized. It is very important that you complete your homework assignment the night it is assigned. This is how you will reinforce the concept taught that day.


Late assignments will not be accepted.

When absent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your homework is turned in when you return to school with an excused admit. This also applies to all take home labs and project deadlines.  Students still need to complete assignments for study skills.


Rules and Consequences: Let me start here by saying that I DO NOT enjoy disciplining students.  I do not like sending students to SCSI or detention, and I most certainly do not like calling or e-mailing parents to give them bad news.  However, keep in mind that I WILL NOT HESITATE to do so.  The following chart lists a few behaviors and the consequences for such.  Note that I have a 5 step consequence system, which goes into further detail in your other handout.  Extreme behaviors will be dealt with by administration. 






1st Offense


2nd Offense


3rd Offense


Bad Behavior


Verbal Warning


Written Warning


Conference with Student




Verbal Warning




Conference with Student

Failure to

Complete Work


Verbal Warning

Written Warning

and Contact parent

Conference with Student

and Contact Parent

Combination of

Bad Behaviors


Verbal Warning

Written Warning

and Contact parent

Parent Contacted, Conference

with student, and Detention

(Bad behavior is defined as any behavior I deem to be disruptive to the class, disrespectful behavior, swearing, excessive talking, and failure to follow instructions). 


Class Supplies: (Already have)

            - Pens (black or blue ink) and 2 red pens

            - Three #2 pencils

            - Two composition notebooks-college

            - A standard calculator (a must have for science)

            -One metric ruler (cm/mm)

- Package of Colored Pencils

-One   3 Subject Spiral notebook- (do now work, FCAT practice, notes) college-ruled without rip out section

- One three prong folder with pockets (Lab projects)


If you have any questions about anything covered in this letter, please do not hesitate to see me.  I have an “Open Door Policy”, meaning you may always come to me with any questions or concerns you may have.  You may also e-mail me at tiajohnson@dadeschools.net




                                                                                    Ms. Johnson

                                                                                    Comprehensive Science




Please sign below and return to acknowledge that you have read and understand the Revised Comprehensive Science syllabus for Ms. Johnson’s class. Thank you again.



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